QuiltCon 2017 - A Recap

This past week has just flown by. I can't believe it's already been one week since this fantastic week started. Let's start from the beginning, a week or so before QuiltCon Brittany Burton contacted me, and let me know that her Madonna quilt that I had machine quilted for her won an award and she invited me to attend the awards ceremony with her. I was thrilled, like beyond words, but had to keep it a secret. I didn't even tell my husband, eeek!  Early Thursday morning, before my classes began I went to the awards ceremony, Brittany had entered the quilt into the Improv Piecing category, so when that category came up we were all so excited and ready to take pictures, but the category passed and we knew that the quilt had won something big. (I'm having a hard time typing this right now because I'm still so full of emotion, my eyes are full of tears.) When the category for "Best Machine Quilting Framed" and Madonna was announced I was beyond shocked and proud. Brittany and I made an awesome team, and I thought the quilt was amazing, but to win an award like this, at QuiltCon was so overwhelming, and such a huge honor.

I had to quickly run out of the ceremony to get to my first class, and I'm pretty sure when I arrived I was quite frazzled, but the ladies in that class were awesome, and they let me have my moment, and then get started with class.
I should have taken pictures with all of the students in my classes. They were all so awesome. But, I only remembered to take one after a few students had left my first class.

I taught a total of 5 classes, including; Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting, Next Steps in Machine Quilting, Creative Straight Line Quilting plus a book signing and a presentation on the main stage.

I brought my new 4-N-1 machine quilting ruler with me, and we played with it in most of my classes. This event was the first time I was able to teach a class with my new ruler. I was a bit nervous about it, when you put anything out there, a book, ruler, pattern, really any product, you're asking to be judged and it can be scary. I know that I love the ruler but I had to idea what to expect. I was beyond thrilled with the response from so many. I had several students whom had never used a ruler before who fell in love with machine quilting with a ruler and it totally blew my expectations out of the water. 

On Sunday I visited my publisher, C&T's booth, when I arrived in the booth and found my new book, Visual Guide to Free-Motion Quilting Feathers, I kind of freaked out a bit! I had already had such a great experience at QuiltCon and being able to finish up the week by seeing my new book in person was just the icing on the cake.

I was also able to spend a little bit of time chatting about what I've been up to for the Sit & Sew Radio podcast. You can check out the complete podcast here. It's a great podcast, and I love how it was recorded right on the show floor.

My husband traveled to Savannah with me and we were able to stay for a few extra days and enjoy the city of Savannah, it's such a beautiful city, and although I'm not usually much into taking tours we did take a few.

The images below are a few close-ups of the machine quilting I quilted on Brittany's Madonna quilt. After I was done machine quilting this Brittany did go and add a bit of gorgeous hand-stitching. I've been dying to share pictures of this quilt for months! :)


  1. I'm so happy for you and Brittany! Biggest congrats, Natalia!

  2. What an overwhelming an amazing trip you had! Yes, you and Britney sure do make a great team. I love the way the energy of the Madonna is carried out into the surrounding area! Many congratulations to you and all of your achievements and awards!! ❤️

  3. Congratulations! I saw the quilt in person and loved it!

  4. What an amazing, beautiful, spectacular job you did! Your quilting is stunning, and adds so much to an already incredible quilt. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations! You do superb quilting!

  6. I love your jumping up and down - perfect! Congratulations on a job well done!

  7. Congratulations Well deserved!!!

  8. Congratulations to both of you. What an awesome acknowledgement of a working partnership.

  9. Congratulations! I enjoyed seeing your work up close.


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