Little Cottontail - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner + Introducing Patreon

Vanessa of Lella Boutique designed and made this darling Little Cottontail mini quilt. The bunny is so dang cute, and Vanessa has an adorable coordinating large quilt pattern coming out in May! You can check out more details about this fun pattern over at Lella Boutique.

Over the last few months I've had a lot of fun sharing my machine quilting with you all over on YouTube. I've loved sharing there and the positive feedback that I've received from so many of you has been so fabulous and has pushed me to share even more of my work via video. 

I've been searching for the right platform to share more and I feel that I've found the perfect fit for me, Patreon. Don't get me wrong, I will still be sharing a lot of my work on YouTube, but in my new Patreon videos I'll be sharing more about my process. I'll share more of my thought process, help you understand how I decided to quilt what I quilt where I do and hopefully teach you take you own machine quilting to a fun new creative place.

The first video that I'm sharing is all about this darling Little Cottontail quilt. This quilt is so cute and I really enjoyed creating a video all about this quilt.

For a more in depth look at my machine quilting you can subscribe to my Patreon page here.

Thanks for letting me quilt this darling quilt Vanessa!

I used SoFine! thread you, can pick up thread and batting over on my websitewww.piecenquilt.com 

Click here for more information about having me machine quilt for you. 

My machine quilting is done on a Gammill 22" Long-Arm Quilting Machine.

For more machine quilting tips and tricks check out my books; Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting Next Steps in Machine Quilting and Visual Guide to Free-Motion Quilting Feathers.

I'm a Craftsy instructor, check out my class; Free-Motion Motifs for Classic Blocks.


  1. I love the little bubbles in the tail.

  2. Such a cute quilt and love the little circle quilting.


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