How to: Machine Quilt a Hooligan Motif Quilt Block with Natalia Bonner - Let's Stitch a Block a Day - Day 216

Welcome to day 216 of "Let's Stitch - A Block a Day with Natalia Bonner

Today Natalia will walk you step by step through the process of machine quilting a Hooligan motif on a  quilt block.

You can check out the complete video tutorial here:

Check out this blog post for all of the details about the machine quilting rulers and products Natalia is using in this video series here.
All of Natalia's machine quilting is done on a Gammill 22" machine.


  1. Love all of the different designs I have seen so far. However, last week at&t had a 'hiccup', was down during the early morning hours, and bounced my email. The email notifications I am now receiving from you do NOT have the video link, only the sale links for PDF's and digital purchases! What is going on???

    1. Oh, no! I have no idea why that would have happened. :( The info is all still here so I'm assuming at&t is blocking the video for some reason.... We do also post the links in the facebook group if you want to join there. :)


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