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I CAN sew!

Okay, so you're probably all thinking that I'm crazy, my job is sewing and quilting! Well I've never made anything besides quilts. Today I got this random idea that I wanted to make a bag. Who really knows why, I have a million of them but I just decided that I needed another one! :)

This is the bag!
I made it with Authentic materials and Amy Butler's Birdie Sling pattern and I love how it turned out! It's actually pretty big and it even has three pockets on the inside! So yes I can sew! Maybe I'll get daring and make some sort of clothing for my daughter........lol!


  1. Isn't it funny how quilters can quilt so well but when it comes to other sewing we're a little stumped? :) Your bag looks great- can't wait to see other projects!

  2. Good job! I've always sewn clothes, bags, etc. and just now learned to quilt.

  3. It turned out wonderful!! love the fabrics too...Job well done!! ;-)



  4. Great fabric choices with that pattern - love it!

  5. cute! I have that pattern too, but just havnt found the *right* fabric yet.

  6. The great thing about quilting is it makes you a better sewer.

  7. Cute bag! of course you can sew! and yes you should make a dress for your little girl :)

  8. i have that fabric.. and that pattern.. your bag is so cute i may just make it!!!


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