Snow! Seriously on May 19th!

Yes, you read that right!
We woke up this morning to a couple inches of snow. The only good thing about it is the fact that I'd rather stay inside sewing then go out in the cold! :)
Yesterday I machine quilted this darling winter scene quilt, I should have taken it as sign of things to come.....or something!
Jenni wanted custom machine quilting on this darling quilt.
She wanted me to quilt in the words "mama loves you". I did and I think it added a fun personalized message.
She also wanted snowflakes in the sky.
I love it!

Do you still have snow?!?!

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  1. Agree with Patti : GORGEOUS !
    ( Have you started your quilting today yet -- ** wink wink ** )

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love the message and the snowflakes that you quilted into the quilt! You do beautiful work! Renay

  3. Beautiful quilt. Beautiful message. I love the way you did that. I can't believe you had snow! I will no longer complain about Michigan!

  4. No Snow here. I like how you quilted this one. You make it look so easy... What size is this one?

  5. Love that snowflake!!
    Our last lingering piles of snow finally melted last week but I'm from Northern Canada so that is normal up here. :)

  6. We've had snow on our anniversary before, May 15th. It wasn't appreciated though. =)

    Love your quilt!

  7. Your quilting is beautiful as usual! We don't have snow, but only one nice week of spring weather so far. I just happened to have that week off work-Yeah!

  8. What a beautiful quilt and exquisite quilting patterns.

  9. Love this wall hanging... your quilting just topped it off! thanks for sharing.

  10. I really like this design, and the special quilting help make it unique!

  11. We have snow. In fact it has snowed some every day this week - just for a few minutes then melted off. We often have snow until the end of June - which is what we had last year, and many years, my dad has seen snow flurries on his birthday July 10th. So snow is not big news here :/ We are in Pinedale, Wyoming at 7,200 feet elevation.

  12. Snow, snow, go away! We don't have snow but we just got a hail storm this afternoon. It looks like snow in a few bare spots but it is only the hail piled up. I'm ready for some sunshine!

  13. Wow! The quilting is gorgeous!!! Love it!!

  14. So sorry about the snow. But being able to quilt a quilt is always a good thing. Love the message in the quilting.

  15. We have had some snow in Colorado too the last few days, thankfully it is melting right away. I love the winter scene that you quilted, you do beautiful work!!

  16. Snow this time of year is crazy! We've already been sporting shorts and sandals.
    Don't you just love your Statler and the latest upgrade?! The quilt is wonderful with the "text" feature quilted in! Love it!!

  17. Beautiful pattern and beautiful quilting. Your lettering is perfect!

  18. Oh my gosh! I LOVE the message being quilted into that quilt like that. Awesome idea. You did a fantastic job too.

  19. Beautiful quilting! Love that personalized message!

    Thanks for visiting me and leaving the kind comment so that I could visit you back. :)

    Happy Quilting!


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