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Organizing my WIP's

I've never been a stasher, I don't have a fabric stash. I love scrappy quilts but I just don't make them. Whenever I start building up a stash I quickly mail my stash off to my grandma, she loves having a stash. So, I've never had to worry about organizing or storing a stash.
Lately I seem to have a lot more WIP's than I have in the past and it was driving me crazy that they weren't organized. So I headed to Target and picked up a bunch of these clear totes. They fit perfectly two high on some of the shelves in the studio. I can see into them so I know exactly what is in them and I can easily keep everything for each project in it's own tote. 
I love organization!
How do you organize your WIP's?
Or are you a stasher?
How do you organize your stash?
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  1. I am like you, I don't have a stash either. I do store UPO's in plastic containers but just had a little talk with myself about how it would be better to finish some projects rather than go buy additional plastic containers. Not sure I will accomplish that but am going to try. In the past I have gone from plastic ziplock bags to plastic containers for viewing ease and stacking ease.

  2. I keep my stash in closed cabinets sorted by color and a little by type (batiks are separate). My UFOs are stored in 12"x12" clear art bins. There is plenty of room and I don't have to fold completed blocks.

  3. I have a small stash - my WIP's take up much more room. They are in totes similar to yours - with labels on the outside quickly telling me what fabric/pattern they are. I also put fabric intended for certain projects into these and label them so that the fabric doesn't get used for another project :)

  4. I'm cleaning my crafting area right now :) It was making me crazy that everything was becoming so disorganized. I have my fabric stored in an old tv stand with doors and my finished items for Etsy are stored in totes like yours. I also have zippers in plastic totes and interfacing bolts in a tall wicker basket. It keeps the kitties out of everything :)

  5. after a recent sewing room clean up, my stash is all folded neatly and stacked by color on bookshelves where I can see it and hopefully use it up! WIPs are in square scrapbook storage boxes, clear ones that stack neatly in a corner. I too like to be able to see in and find what I am looking for easily!

  6. I just gave my space a makeover actually so everything is now organised better =D


  7. great idea--I think I'll do the same this weekend. My stash/UFO pile is an absolute mess.
    p.s. you know you're a no-reply blogger, right?

  8. Since the beginning of the year, I have whittled my UFOs down to five and should the list down to three by Sunday. I promised myself I would NOT start another quilt until I had zero UFOs... Not sure I'll make that goal but I'm gonna give it my best shot.

    The UFOs were stored on shelves in my stash closet with the stuff needed to finish them. No boxes..

  9. I am an out of control stashed. Lots of projects all bagged with hopefully the patterns or idea in the bag. And at the moment lots of fabric that's needs to be shelved, I have to get some stuff out of the closet and a set of shelfs in!

  10. Well...yours look lovely in the clear totes! My fabric is in a cupboard...I wish had some clear doors on, so I could gaze at my fabric ;o)...and my WIP's blocks are on my design walls...which I've ran out of room..I now stacking blocks on top of blocks??

  11. I moved and sorted my Stash only took what could be packed into tubs,boxes etc. lol.

  12. I store my WIP's in plastic zipper bags that I recycle from purchased sheets, linen, etc. They're clear and they hold a lot!

  13. I have a very small stash so it's easy to keep track of what I have. I do have 12x12 plastic containers (from Joann's) (the kind with handles so you can carry them easily) with fabric, patterns, and thread inside. When I finish one project, I reach for another one. Yes, I'm kind of weird that I generally start-to-finish projects before starting another one. I might not finish the hand-part of sewing the binding before I start piecing simply because I like to leave the hand work for when I'm watching tv with the hubby.

  14. I'm a hoarder- I mean stasher & have way too many quilt tops that need to be quilted. Once I start a project I usually finish it to at least quilt top status. I have one whole room full of clear totes with my fabric stash & quilt tops. That's not even counting what's in my sewing room. I'm bad!

  15. I too keep mine in plastic totesand while it started as them being all matching as my wip grew I had to buy more and wasnt able to keep buying the same. Very sad. One thing I do is I label them with a name or theme and keep a scrap of paper inside where I right down my 'notes' on what I'm doing. Or even putting in the pattern if I have one.


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