Completed Hobo Quilt

My Hobo Quilt is done! YAY!
Quilted and bound and all, well, it doesn't have a label but for now we'll call it done.
Since this quilt is actually one I'm keeping for myself I couldn't decide how I wanted to machine quilt it. I finally decided that because there is so much going on already that an all over pattern with thread that blended in for the most part would be best.
I really love how it turned out! 
You can see all of the blocks close up here or in the fickr group.
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  1. Very cool!! Nice work Natalia!!

  2. Very nice quilt...love those colors and all the piecing.

  3. Your quilt looks GREAT! I am in the middle of making one of my own, so it's nice to see a finished one : )

  4. Wow all the blocks look great! =D

  5. Congrats on a wonderful finish Natalia! I love your Hobo quilt. Glad you get to keep this one for yourself! :)

  6. Oh, I love it! Especially the quilting. Just perfect! xo


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