Spring Break

It's Spring Break for the schools here, although I don't have any kids in school yet it does make my week a little different. Kathleen had a few days off from her day job so she's here helping me and my sister, a school teacher, also has the week off. So with all the extra help around, and hanging out at the studio, my routine of updating the blog first thing in the morning has been thrown out the door. I'm not complaining, I love all the extra help. :) 
I've been busy this week machine quilting a few quilts for these ladies that I can't share quite yet. :) Don't you hate that!
Last night we cooked dinner on our grill for the first time this year, one of our favorites, shish kabobs! YUM!
We made ours using chicken meatballs from Costco, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and pineapple.

Then I got to spend a few hours sewing at the kitchen table, I haven't turned my sewing machine on in nearly a month so it was fun to sew again.

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  1. oh my that looks delicious ! are you not sharing what is on your machine ?????? :D

  2. Natalia...did you, or did you not just have a baby???? Seriously, you amaze me with how quickly you've gotten back to your quilting!


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