Learning to Sew

Every day, since Chesney got her sewing machine, after she gets off the school bus she is so excited to run up to the studio and begin sewing. I pulled a few charm packs and have just been letting her do her thing. Then she got the idea, completely on her own, to make a baby quilt for her soon-to-be new cousin. She did everything by herself, I showed her what to do, but she did it all, she pinned, and sewed it all. Now, I just have to get brave and let her quilt it by herself on the long-arm.
I'm so proud that she's growing and learning to do things like this!


  1. That is so wonderful that you are passing along your love of sewing to your daughter. She must be a very special girl!

  2. Thats so fantastic that she is so excited to learn! Your quilt is beautiful Chesney and your cousin is gonna love it!

  3. Have her quilt on a domestic. b started with straight line quilting.

    1. Melissa, what a novel idea! Lol, I seriously didn't even thing of that, but that would be perfect!!!!!!! :)

  4. That is just awesome! I hope that my daughter loves doing that someday as well. How old is she?

  5. I love this!!! How wonderful for both of you! I bet you are thrilled beyond words.

  6. OMG! How precious is that! I follow u on twitter bc of Aurifil so glad I do! My granddaughter would love to do this! What an inspiration!!!!

  7. So wonderful. It is so much fun to see their faces when they complete something themselves.


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