Off to HMQS we go!
This year we decided to participate in the 2009 Quilt Challenge. Here's how it works. We purchased a kit that included 6 prints from the collection Elle Fun by Quilting Treasures. The challenge is to make a quilt with a perimeter of no more than 120", using the theme Pump Up the Color. You may add embellishments and up to four other prints. We came up with the idea.
"On a Bike" The only fabric that we added was the white background material. We appliqued the wool bike and then added a few embellishments. This quilt will be judged at the quilt show May 7-9 2009 then auctioned off. The money that is raised will be used to build a well in Kenya. Piecing by Kathleen Whiting, Natalia Bonner & Whitnee North. Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner.

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