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Quite often I'm asked the question "What do you use?" So today I'm sharing what I'm using.
The most asked question I get is about my quilting. No, I do not quilt on a conventional machine. I have a Gammill Premier with a stitch regulator. I have been machine quilting for three years. I have actually never tried quilting on a conventional.
Look Bonny, it's your quilt!
All of my piecing and applique is done on my Bernina Anniversary Edition. I have had this machine for about two years and I LOVE it! Definitely a little pricey but I have never had a moments trouble with it and it gets it's share of use.
Batting, I prefer to use Quilters Dream Blend batting, it's a low loft batting and it lays, washes and quilts beautifully. On occasion I do quilt with more lofty type batting's and I prefer Quilters Dream Puff or Wool for loft.
Thread, I love So Fine by Superior Threads. For the most part I piece, quilt and bind using So Fine!
I know someone will ask how I store my thread. Well, I buy in cones so the best storage I've found so far is a Super Satchel Art Bin. They have removable cone holders and I love them for my thread storage. I got mine from United Notions.
I've had a few of you ask about binding. Here's our little secret. If the quilt is going to be judged or in any show then we attach the binding by machine to the top and then do a whip stitch using So Fine thread on the back.
If the quilt is not going to be judged or in a quilt show then attach by machine all the way. To attach by machine we attach our biding to the back of the quilt first then to the top using So Fine thread. Just make sure you've got a thread that matches very well. I also like this style of binding for quilts that are going to be heavily loved.
Click here to see how we prepare our bindings.

Hopefully this answered some of your questions. 
If you have more I'd love to hear them and I'm more than happy to do another post like this.

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  1. Either binding looks good on your quilts. Since you don't use cotton thread I was wondering if you have any issues that I have read about when using non cotton thread with cotton material.

  2. I have that same machine, only mine doesn't have the blue on the front and it's I think only about a year old. I LOVE IT. I'm brand new to sewing, quilting and I'm pretty sure I'll never replace this machine. It's great! Thanks for the tips on the threads and stuff.

  3. YOur machine binding looks so good! I can't do it on the machine to save my life!

  4. I've always read that if you use cotton fabric you should use cotton thread. Is that not the norm anymore?

  5. Thank you for sharing your secrets, your quilting is always so beautiful. I do have the plastic thread holders, they are so nice.


  6. Oh Natalia -your work is gorgeous!
    Oh La La - I love it!
    You are truly a long arm artist!!!!

    Bonny :)

    P.S. I am almost done with my other granddaughter's quilt and will be sending it your way next week!

  7. Thanks for sharing. I have serious Gammill envy. (Have always wanted to invest in one) My Bernina is 30 yrs. old & I love it so much that I recently bought another. Have never had a bit of trouble with it.
    I use it daily. It is surely the workhorse of sewing machines :)
    Your work is amazing & I always enjoy your posts.

  8. As always my sweet Natalia..you are one lady who shares her secrets and that I love you for...
    I do too...always in fact and people often ask me why I am so lucky??? Well, I think you know the answer to that one...it comes back to you tenfold...ahhh my white bella arrived...now I can complete my mystery quilt...wish you were closer and I would have you quilt it...
    ps, your daughter and niece brought such smiles...gosh I love wee girls in tutus..too bad they don't look so cute on grandmumms lol blessings ms

  9. I have a binding question please. when you machine bind, why bind from the back? I'm a beginner so you insightfulness is much appreciated!!

  10. Yay, you answered all of my questions! :) Thank you for sharing your tips!!

    ~Michelle Kraft

  11. I am too scared to try machine binding, I can barely sew a straight line! Love your gammil! I can only wish and dream. P.S. your block fabric came today :)

  12. Fun post. I also love Quilters Dream batting too!


  13. interesting stuff here ! I need to find some superior thread ; I use Gutermann when I can get it on sale ; and it's made a difference compared to bargain ones , so I'm anxious to find superior ! and your GAMMILL is awesome looking ! was it hard to learn how to use .... oh , another question !


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