A much needed break!

I haven't touched my computer since Friday morning and let me tell you it was so nice!
My husband is always telling me I spend way to much time on it so I decided to take the weekend off, no answering e-mails, no Facebook, no twittering. Nothing! I didn't even know where my phone was most of the weekend.
So, now you're wondering what I was doing that was so nice......
(Left, my daughter, right my niece)
Yes, it was so much fun! My sister needed someone to tend her cute little girl so she came and we had a slumber party, with two-two year olds it was very busy! They went everywhere in tutus, we went and fed the ducks played at the park, went and visited grandpa & grandma and payed in their new stream and giggled!
Now, I'm feeling refreshed and I feel like I can take on another week!

Hope you had a productive weekend, maybe lots of sewing or playing with kids!

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  1. Oh how lucky for your daughter that she has girl cousin her own age! What a fun and busy weekend you must have had! Your photo is so adorable!
    Hopefully your sister lives close to you so your daughter can play with her cousin alot! :)

  2. What a couple of cuties! They are so lucky to have each other to play with!

  3. my cousin is still my best buddy--and we are both well into our 60s, now. she was the closest thing i had to a sibling, and i still treasure her!

  4. OMG SOOOO cute!! The tutus are priceless and look at those little toes!! Adorable!!

  5. That was a Good reason to give up the computer all weekend. What a nice time you must have had. They are both so very cute!

  6. I'm glad you had some time off! When I had my broken computer situation I really learned to live with much less computer time. Such a good, and much-needed, lesson for me!

  7. Cuties! Glad you had some time off the computer - I try to do that on the weekends...try :)

  8. Such cuties!! I know you had a ball with them!!!

  9. Aaaaaaw how adorable. I miss the "tutu everywhere" days. Roll on grand daughters :)

  10. Oh I never saw this until now! I might have to steal it and put it on my blog!


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