When one becomes two!

 I'm thinking that maybe Kathleen shouldn't have had the day off from her regular job today.
I had my new Moda Bake Shop quilt on the machine almost finished being quilted when she got the brilliant idea we should make two.
So, right now @ 8:40pm I am getting ready to start applique on the second quilt of the day.
That's right, I appliqued & quilted one quilt, then Kathleen and I pieced and now I am getting ready to do the applique on the second quilt.
It'll make more sense in a couple of days when you see the tutorial(s)
Until then, I'm back to my machine! :)
Hope you're having a happy day, and please tell me we're not the only crazy quilting people out there! 

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  1. I can't wait to see them! There need to be more little boy quilts in the world. :)

    (I had the same problem with my last bake shop quilt(s))

  2. oh I had to giggle a bit at this one.. I'm in the middle of my next bake shop project and it's baby quilts for boy/girl twins... being a mom of twins my guess is you are making two quilts one for boy & a girl??
    too funny!!!... I can't wait to see it!!

  3. That is a lot in one day. I made two small stitchery pillows, lol. After working in the garden, I was too beat to do much.


  4. wOw! You have been busy! Can't wait to see the tute!


  5. You & Kathleen are nutbars! ;-)

  6. Also a mum of twins - also thought the same thing as Melissa!

  7. I just came over from your moda bake shop quilt pattern!! Oh my word, I LOVE IT!!!! I have been wanting to find an argyle pattern for a while and it is so simple....amazing job! Thank you for sharing this one :o)


  8. your free motion quilting looks so nice! do you have any good tips for me? i'm trying it for the first time and i can't seem to get my tension right no matter what i try. i get the loops on the back...


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