The Purple Wonder

I recently machine quilted this big purple quilt for Gayle.
Gayle helped her daughter-in-law piece this quilt. It was her daughter-in-law's first quilt. Pretty impressive that she made something this big for her first quilt.
Gayle had me machine quilt an all over floral pattern across the whole quilt.
Then in the bottom border she had me machine quilt "First Quilt ~ SBW 2011" 
It turned out really cool looking, and a great alternative to a traditional label.

Just in case you're wondering Gayle told me she named the quilt, The Purple Wonder because she's never seen so much purple fabric. :)

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  1. OH WOW !! I wish my 1st quilt was as pretty as this ! the FIRST QUILT quilting is AWESOME !! ( and the rest of the quilting , of course , too ! )

  2. This post title made me laugh - I *just* posed a mini purple quilt with a similar title :)

    I love the quilted words, that is a great idea!

  3. What a lovely purple quilt! I love purple and this quilt has a lot of lovely shades of purple!

    What a great idea to quilt "First Quilt" on the bottom... the best label in the world, imho!

  4. Very lovely, my very first quilt, the one I taught myself how to do quilting, with books, and a pair of scissors!, no ratary cutter here at that time. Was super King size, and a quilt as you go method too. I used 2 inch thick poly batting as I wanted it warm. My oh my, I have learned soooooooooooooo much since then...LOL


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