Burp Cloths ~ A Free Tutorial

Burp cloths are a fun, pretty quick gift for any baby shower, or make some for yourself!
Here are a few that Kathleen & I have made recently, boy and girl versions and how we made them.
Click below to see complete tutorial.

For each burp cloth you will need 1 cloth diaper & some scraps of fabric.
For the burp cloths we made we used some Reunion by Sweetwater and Amelia by Me & My Sister, for Moda Fabrics.
Fabrics are available at Fat Quarter Shop & Burgundy Buttons.
Next applique your design, we chose to applique a name and a few other fun motifs on each of them, be creative! Make them all different or make them all the same. 
For the border along the bottom you will cut one strip of fabric 2 1/2"x the width of your burp cloth. Each burp cloth may vary in size.
Fold the fabric in half, right sides together and then stitch across the ends.
Turn the fabric right sides out, press, stitch the raw edge along the back, bottom edge of the burp cloth.
Now, fold the fabric over to the front side, keep the bottom edge right at the bottom. Top stitch the folded edge right along the top side of the fabric.
There is your finished burp cloth! Super simple and fun!

If you make some we'd love to have you share them in our flickr group.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. What font did you use for your letters?

  2. What stabilizer did you use when you embroidered?

  3. Did you get the diaper as stiff as you did with your background on your tutorial? I am excited to try this. I have never tried the starch method before.

  4. My niece just had a baby girl...and guess what...I'm going out to buy some diapers, etc and make up a few burp cloths. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for posting this...very much appreciate your taking the time to share.

  6. Thanks for this post. Perfect timing for all the pending baby showers I will be attending in the next 3 months.

  7. I got this as a gift for first kid...6 years ago. One of the best gifts ever. Still use the plain ones for the kitchen. The embroidered. Ones are n the baby chest. Now I can make some for others.

  8. Is there a pattern for the owl and the letters available? Just adorable!

  9. These are adorable!

    I'd love for you to share: http://tutusandteaparties.blogspot.com/2012/01/pinteresting-party-week-24.html

  10. So cute! Love the owl one especially!

  11. sooooo cute!!
    love it!!
    thanks for share! =)

  12. Love these!! How can we get the pattern for the letters?


  13. Thank you for the tutorial...just wondering...could you put the tutorials in pdf format so we can download to our directories so we can go back to later ... I have a niece that had a baby girl and would love to make up some of these for her and when I save to my bookmarks it ends up 'lost' in a whole section of bookmarks and have to remember where I placed them.

  14. I would suggest chinese prefolds over gerber prefolds any day. You can find them at cottonbabies.com with free shipping. The quality of the chinese prefold surpasses gerber brand by a 1000 times. They shrink so prewashing is a must. Then iron and decorate.

  15. I didn't get this made for my niece, but now have a granddaughter who will be having a girl in a couple months or less (her first was early so we're expecting this one to be, too) and really would love to make these....in fact, I think I purchased the diapers already :-)

  16. Just wandering - where can I find the "owl" pattern or even a couple of the others?

  17. What does it look like on the back? I am concerned about it being rough or scratchy.


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