Embroidery Applique

For a long time now both my mom and I have really been wanting to learn how to do embroidery applique. We have so many fun things in mind but just haven't taken the time to figure out how to do it.
Yesterday I decided it was time.
I messed around with it a little, realized I had the machine set up wrong at first... but once I got it all figured out and going it was a lot of fun!
This little guitar is my first official piece of machine embroidery applique. Pretty simple but I'm thinking it's pretty dang cute. 
And... you can bet that now that I have started to figure out how to do machine embroidery applique there will be a lot more of it in my future!

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  1. love it and can't wait to see more!!!!

  2. and you thought you were addicted to Quilting...=)

  3. warning! machine embroidery/applique is addicting! hehe. have you found Embroidery Library yet? emblibrary.com - my favorite site for embroidery designs! they sew out very well (although most are pretty dense, so you need a nice sturdy stabilizer). Have fun with your new machine!

  4. It IS addictive! I get a lot of designs from planetapplique.com! They're always running sales AND you get free designs with your orders over $5!

  5. Is this playing with your Mom's New Machine she won in the McCall's Contest? Just wondering... The guitar would go great in my Elvis Music Quilt, just saying. His B-day is this Sunday.


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