Quilts for Twins!

Tina is absolutely amazing when it comes to creativity and technique.  I met Tina a few months back at The Sewing Summit and little did I know we live so close to each other. Tina pieced these two beautiful quilts for a friends twins. There is an amazing story that goes behind these quilts that is just amazing, everything in the quilts has symbolism and makes them so special.
The applique is all turned and done by hand and is just perfect!
They twins are boy and girl so the quilt above is for the boy and the one below is for the girl.
I machine quilted them for her and they were so much fun to quilt. I loved adding a little detail to make them special.
Thanks for letting me machine quilt these beautiful quilts Tina.

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  1. Ah, Day and Night. What beautiful applique and the quilting is lovely.

  2. Such a beautiful gift, love the quilting!

  3. Those are wonderful. So much alike but different and unique for each of them.


  4. These are beautiful. The quilting almost makes it feel like a Van Gogh. I'm jealous. :)


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