T-Shirt Quit

Colleen made this T-Shirt quilt for her boyfriend. She was pretty stoked about this quilt because he never shows any interest in the quilts she makes, but he actually asked for this quilt and he really likes it. I can totally relate to Colleen in this department, my husband has no interest in quilting. :)
Colleen did a fantastic job putting this quilt together, sometimes if not done right T-Shirt quilts can be very difficult to machine quilt, this quilt is not that way, it's pieced beautifully making the machine quilting go very smoothly and the final result, fabulous!
Since it's going to be a mans quilt Colleen wanted me to machine quilt a very masculine geometric pattern. I did and I love the result.

Thanks for letting me machine quilt your fabulous T-Shirt quilt Colleen!


  1. A question: did you freehand the quilting, or did you have a pattern or guide to follow? It looks great!

    1. Debra,
      It is a pattern that I used for this machine quilting.

  2. Looks great! Love the quilting. Much more fun than stippling:)


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