Welcome - Studio Make-Over Reveal

Welcome to our studio. Even though we've been sewing and machine quilting from here for several years now, it's never been quite what Kathleen and I have always dreamed about. We love a clean organized space, and after some very long days... and nights the studio is coming together quite nicely. Yes, there are still more things we'd like to do... but for now, we're in love with the updated space.
When you enter the studio one of the first quilts that greet you is our "Out on a Line" quilt. We designed and made this quilt for Sweet Celebrations, the Moda Bake Shop book. You can purchase the book here.
The cute little red bench is the Sigurd bench from Ikea.
To your left you will see the space with the bed, this space is great for when we have family in town, we have an extra bed for them to sleep in. 
The quilt shown on the bed is Wrapped in Red, designed by Natalia and was featured in American Patchwork and Quilting magazine, read more about it here.
On the wall is Kathleen's stunning, It's For The Birds, quilt, Kathleen designed this quilt as her final challenge in the McCalls Quilt Design Star contest, read more about that quilt here.
On the floor in front of the bed is a cute Mala Easel from Ikea, great for the kids to play.
Also on the floor is a Gumdrop Pillow made from Amy Butlers pattern and fabric is Hometown by Sweetwater for Moda fabrics.
In the distance, the quilt on the wall is Twisted Up, pattern for this quilt is in my book, Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting.
The tv stand in front of that quilt is the Liatrop from Ikea.
One of my very favorite new accessories in the studio is the cutting table. We've been cutting all of our quilts on an old dining room table so this new, higher table is going to be a life-saver, or back saver, when cutting quilts.
The table is made from Finnvard Trestle legs from Ikea.
The table top is the Gerton Table top from Ikea.
The chairs around the table, we've had them for several years, so I wish I could remember exactly where I bought them, but I can't. :(
The quilts hanging on the wall are:
Merry-Go Round by Sandy Klop using Mary Engelbreit fabrics.
Petals designed by myself and Kathleen, you can read more about that quilt here.
In the distance is "Strut Your Stuff" The birds are all from Susanne's McNeil's pattern.
The sewing space. I love this large area. 
The sewing tables are Expedit Workstation from Ikea, with one Expedit Shelving Unit on top.
The quilt on the wall is "It's a Picnic Kind of Day" we designed this quilt for Fresh Fabric Treats, the first Moda Bake Shop book.
The cute red chairs are Jules Chair from Ikea. I have horrible posture and these things make you sit right up, they are so comfortable to sit on while sewing.
Also shown are our sewing machines. In the distance is Kathleen's industrial Singer, she's sewn on that machine for 20+ years and it's fantastic.
The machine in the middle is the machine where I do most of my piecing, it's a Bernina Aurora 450, Anniversary Edition.
Also shown is Kahtleen's machine that she won in the McCalls Quilt Design Star contest, it's a Bernina Aurora 440QE with the embroidery module. We use it a lot to do embroidery and we love it.
And lastly, my quilting area. The shelving units in this area are, on bottom the Expedit Shelving Unit from Ikea, on top is the Expedit Shelving Unit.
All of my machine quilting is done on my Gammill Premier with a 10' table. I've had my long-arm for six years now and I love it. I've never really had any problems with my machine and even more I love the size of it.

Now, I can't share all of those pictures without sharing some of the photos that I captured during the process of this make-over.
All pictures below are from my instagram page.
A trip to Ikea.
Thank you very much to my awesome dad for spending a full day building furniture and making sure everything was perfect!
This was the middle of the day, the pile of empty boxes was growing.
When school ended we had lots of little helpers helping to build the new studio.
I love that my baby was totally in the middle trying to help. :)
Chesney trying out the new cutting table. I think she approves.
Quilts.. we have lots of quilts, now we have lots of places to keep them. :)
Thanks for stopping by to see the make-over.

Have a great weekend!


  1. this looks awesome Natalia! So wonderful! Enjoy (and I wish I could come sew with you for a weekend!) :)

  2. Very nice! I think that I need a trip to Ikea! I still haven't been there. Gasp! I am suppose to be getting a sewing space (instead of the livingroom). However, my space keeps getting smaller. Now, it is turning into a gameroom/familyroom. Hopefully, there will be some space left for me.

  3. It looks awesome! I really want to take a trip to IKEA and buy some new furniture!

  4. Your space is just wonderful. It's a bright and cheery place to work. One question. What is the paint color on the walls?

  5. It looks fantastic!! What a wonderful space to work in!!

  6. That's a beautiful work space, Natalia!

  7. I'm packing my bags because that bed w/the quilts looks so inviting...well all of it does!

  8. OMG! That's a dreamy studio. I love it and the quilts, oh my, how beautiful!!!

  9. You have created a beautiful work space! Congratulations!! I really love the way you shared which Ikea pieces you used - thank you! All the quilts you have decorated with are simply gorgeous, but I am particularly WOWED by the "it's for the Birds" quilt by Kathleen. (i want one!!!!) Enjoy your "new" space!

  10. Wow! Love it! I'm so jealous! Right now I am trying to decide if I'm saving up for the sitdown longarm or the screen porch into studio conversion! Love the table top too. Totally going to get one of those when the time comes. Congrats! What a wonderful workspace!

  11. Set up very nice, you have given me some wonderful ideas.

  12. The studio looks wonderful, nice and clean lines, lots of space to create and your quilts look beautiful around the room.


  13. Fabulous! how blessed you are to have so many enthusiastic helpers!


  14. Awesome, awesome space - spacious and organized, two of my favorite things. Love the quilts all rolled up in their own space.

  15. PS: What color are the walls? Like how you can display all sorts of quilts and they all look beautiful.

  16. Oh so AWESOME! It'll be so inspiring to work there!!!!

  17. So jealous I am having heart palpitations. Sigh

  18. What a wonderful space. I would love to create and work here.

  19. ** love this ** out of all your quilts ; I think out on the line is my favorite ! Can I come stay here ????

    I have never been to IKEA . The nearest one here is 3 hrs away or so ....

  20. WOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! That is awesome!!! I would never want to leave! Thank you for sharing.

  21. Beautiful and refreshing! Makes me want to go to Ikea this weekend!

  22. Gorgeous! It is amazing. This inspires me to start working on cleaning mine up and making my prettier! Excellent work.

  23. Wow! You have an awesome space. Wonderful ideas for my dream space someday.

  24. This is fantastic! You two deserve it so much. Thank you for sharing it. On your longarm it looks like it has a computer. I didn't think you did computer-guided quilting but maybe it's just a TV stand? If it's a computer, do you recommend it? How do you like it? Thanks!

  25. So wonderful!! What a beautiful, comfortable, light-filled space!! Enjoy x

  26. Can I ask how much you spent at Ikea so I know how much I need to save? It all looks so wonderful, thanks for sharing.

  27. You've done amazing work and it's a stunning space. I love all the kids helping; what a wonderful way for all to be a part of the transition. Your quilts just delight with their whimsical nature and excellent work(wo)manship.

  28. Awesome.....wonderful space and am sure you will have wonderful sewing memories in there. Looks like you had wonderful helping hands to get it all done. LOL

  29. loved, loved loved coming to see this today. It is an amazing studio and you do such fun work. You have so many fun ideas rolling around and you do such great work Thanks for having us.

  30. Love your work space . . . so nice to be surrounded by so many beautiful quilts and I'm sure have wonderful memories connected with them. My sewing area was just converted into my oldest son's room. :) Quick question: Where did you purchase the quilt rack that the two quilts hang from? Happy quilting!

  31. It looks great! I love re-imagining spaces, and actually doing it finally is the best part! I've been eyeing those desks too :)

  32. Wow this studio is amazing! I love it! You are so lucky to have the space. I love the pic of your little boy in amongst it bouncing up and down! So cute.

  33. Amazing!! Kathleen's It's For The Birds quilt just makes my heart sing. Beautiful work.

  34. I love your room - so big and bright! I love my IKEA furniture as well and hacked a kitchen sideboard to make the best ironing board ever. It measures 17" wide by 6 ft long and is the perfect height, and has storage underneath. I blogged about it here - http://ufosandubis.blogspot.ca/2011/01/evolution-of-crafty-room-part-one.html

    PS: Love your quilts, too!

  35. I love you space and the soft color on the walls makes the quilts stand out.

  36. Such an amazing studio space. I can only imagine the creativity and inspiration that will come as a result of your new space.


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