A Visit to The Quilt Crossing

We spent last weekend in Boise, ID. It was so much fun. My grandma turned 80 years old so without her knowing we all (all of my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandpa) planned a little surprise party. My grandma is an excellent piecer and hand quilter so I was able to schedule in a trunk show at The Quilt Crossing while we were in town. 

Thanks so much to Crane, from The Quilt Crossing, for the beautiful photos you took.
A bunch of our quilts all stacked up before the trunk show.
Myself and Kathleen sharing "Orange Slices" pattern is available in my book, Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting.

On of my favorite things to do at trunk shows is touch and feel the quilts. So of course there was a lot of time sharing, touching and feeling the quilts.
Thanks again to The Quilt Crossing for letting me share my quilts in your beautiful store.

If you're interested in having us come to your shop or guild email Natalia.


  1. You were so close to me here in SE Washington State. Just one state away. Love that Quilt shop. I've been there. Nice you could surprise your Grandma.

  2. What a lovely day you must have had. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I wish I could have been there! Have you ever come to the Gathering Place in Rupert Idaho?

  4. What a super surprise for your Grandma, eighty is an incredible age. I know a few 80's people and they have the most exciting stories to tell us of "how it used to be". I love them and take care of them as often as I can.

  5. Very cool !! thanks for sharing ! happy 80th to you granny ; and I do notice int the last picture that you are right by the cookies :D


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