Dotty Christmas Quilt

Valerie hand applique'd this adorable Christmas quilt, it's going to be a gift for her daughter.
I love the simplicity of the design and the fun little bits of character that the scrappy fabrics give it.
Valerie brought her quilt to me and asked me to custom machine quilt it, we decided on a swirly design in the background and then a star flower type design in the circles. If you look closely at the one green circle you can see that I machine quilted it just a little differently. I love that there is one circle that's just a little bit different.


  1. I hesitate to repeat myself, but I love how the quilting adds so much to the quilt...really makes it. Ya know? Great job, Natalia!

  2. love that, i am making a christmas quilt too

  3. Hi Natalia, your FM book arrived in my mail today!
    I'm just beginning to like what I FM stitch after several months of practice;so looking forward to delving into your book and getting better at FM! Thanks for your Book,Blog and Inspiration ♥


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