Fresh Mini Quilt Club {April}

My fresh Mini Quilt Club quilt for April is officially done! Just two more and I'll be caught up with all of them!
This quilt was pretty fun, I used prints as my background fabrics, totally not my "normal" type of piecing but it was fun to do something different.
I machine quilted this mini with my Zigs pantograph pattern, one of my very favorite patterns!

You can find more information about the Fresh Mini Quilt club over at Canoe Ridge Creations.
You can now purchase paper and digital formats of Zigs.


  1. Beautifully done. I'm still have two more to go too. Question: when you mentioned "machine quilted" and the patterns, are you referring to actual machine quilted patterns or long arm? I know, probably a dumb question.

    1. Not a dumb question at all, they are machine quilting patterns for Long-Arm machines. :)

  2. Gorgeous!!!! Is the paper pantograph for that one pretty easy? What I mean is does it look straight if you are running it from the back of the machine with no ruler?

  3. Your little quilt really caught my eye - I love it!

  4. Natalia, the FMQ you did on the cat quilt was amazing! I was looking at the picture with your sewing machine, what is the motor that is on the underside of the table, and is that the machine you use to quilt? I enjoy reading you blog, thanks for sharing!


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