Cat Quilt - With an Awesome Story

Karen made this beautiful cat quilt, I love to hear the stories behind quilts and this one has an amazing one. Hop over to Karen's blog, read about, and grab a box of tissues.
When Karen told me the story behind the quilt I knew that I had to help her out, even though she lives in Canada and I live in Utah we worked together and got this quilt done as quickly as we could.
I custom machine quilted the quilt for her. I love the way that it turned out. I know this quilt will be treasured for years and years to come.
Thanks for letting me be a tiny part of this beautiful quilt Karen.


  1. That's a lovely story, and a lovely quilt. Good on both of you.

  2. Thank YOU, Natalia, for being so accomodating and making it possible for me to bring a little bit of sunshine into this young lady's life. She loved her quilt very much. She had surgery today to take the pins and screws and brace from her hips, so now she has a long, arduous road of physical therapy ahead of her to learn to walk again. It does my heart good to know that through her struggles, she'll have this quilt to comfort her and bring her strength. YOU made it possible and I'll always be beholden to you.

    1. Hi, I saw your quilt on the Quilters Board and someone is looking for the pattern. Could you reply and let us know where to find the quilt or what it's name is, etc. Many thanks.

  3. Natalia, what a lovely thing for you to do for Karen. And Karen what a special gift you made. Hope she heals up fast!

  4. What a wonderful thing for Karen to be doing and wonderful thing that you did in helping and doing such a beautiful job on the quilt.


  5. You rock, Natalia! Karen, you do too!! What a wonderful gesture on both of your parts!

  6. beautiful! glad to hear she is on her way to healing.

  7. So generous of you to help Karen with gifting this gorgeous quilt. You are both amazing!

  8. What an awesome thing to do.
    Love the quilt and the quilting

  9. does anyone have the pattern for cat nap by pam bono. I would really would like to make this quilt and can't find the pattern anywhere. thanks


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