Quilt Market Happened!

photo via instagram

Kathleen and I spent the weekend in Houston, Texas at International Quilt Market. It was a fabulous weekend of connecting with friends, old and new, learning about new products and most exciting for us, sharing our new book, Modern One-Block Quilts.

As we spent three days there I spent a lot of time snapping pictures of the quilts I machine quilted for Vendors. I'm honestly not sure how many quilts I machine quilted that were hanging there but I do know there were over 20, that I machine quilted in the last month... it's been a little crazy here. :)

The quilt above, sorry it's not the greatest quality photo (phone picture) I machine quilted for Moda Fabrics. It was hanging in the Moda Fabrics booth and I love how it turned out. :)

If you have a minute hop over to my instagram page to see many more of the beautiful quilts that I was able to machine quilt.

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  1. I fell in love with this quilt and your free-motion quilting. Absolutely spectacular. Love, love, love it.



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