An Adorable Row Quilt

With the Small Town Quilt Show last week it's been almost one full week without using my long-arm machine. I am pretty sure the last time I went that long without using it was about 4 years ago! Man, I need a vacation! No, really I love my job, and I can't believe I went one full week!
So, to get back in the groove of machine quilting I quilted this adorable row quilt! I love machine quilting row quilts, those and sampler quilts are my very favorite, at least right now. :) I just love quilting different things in each row or block, to really make the quilts sing.
Those little butterfly's were so much fun to quilt, I love making them come to life.
I'm pretty sure this flying geese row is my very favorite on this quilt. I machine quilted some pretty heavy straight lines in the background and the flying geese just popped! I love it!
Hope you're all having a great week! I cannot believe it's already July 1st! This year is already half way over! Time is going way too fast!


  1. What an adorable row by row. You quilting makes it sing!

  2. It is sweet. Love the design. Looks like a Lori Holt design. The quilting just makes it!!!

  3. What a week it was! I am glad it ended with the Quilt Show in Midway!!! Pretty quilt and Quilting!!

  4. I just really love that darling quilt, and your quilting adds so much!

  5. Is there a pattern for this quilt? It is adorable.

  6. Your quilting on this precious row quilt does more than sing, it plays a symphony!! Wow, Natalia. I don't know whether to be inspired or overwhelmed!!

  7. I Love this Quilt, the fabrics you have used and your wonderful quilting.
    Is there a pattern available and if so do you know where I can order one?


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