Robot Riot

Amy made this adorable Robot Riot quilt for her son. It's adorable! Amy actually told me all about this quilt last fall, and I've been super excited ever since, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this baby!
Every single robot, and every little detail on the robots is applique, fabulous applique!
When Amy brought me this quilt she told me I could machine quilt it however I'd like, but since it's for her son she wanted to keep it boyish, and kinda modern/robotish....if that's even a word. :)
So, I just had my way with this quilt, I machine quilted a fun, funky version of straight lines in the outer border, then I machine quilted a boxy meander pattern in the inner, blue border and pebbles and wonky straight lines in the body of the quilt, outlining little details on the robots.
I think it turned out pretty dang cute, I told Amy that I just want to keep this one for myself.
I love this quilt so much, I had to take a lot of pictures, so enjoy some eye-candy.

When I shared my machine quilting progress over on Instagram there were a lot of questions about this, several wondered the pattern info, the pattern for this quilt was designed by Kellie Wulfson of Don't Look Now! and the pattern name is Robot Riot.


  1. Absolutely beautiful and stunning job on quilting! I LOVE this quilt and your quilting made it pop even more!!!

  2. Your quilting is absolutely gourgeous, it makes the applique pop up and shine!

  3. Great custom quilting! I like all the different designs you used. I'm still trying to come up with a good plan for a quilt I made last winter. Maybe I'll get it quilted before this winter. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. So Fun and her Fussy cutting on the Robots is adorable too.

  5. Oh that is seriously a gorgeous quilt! Well done to Amy for the fantastic robots; beautifully quilted as always, good job both of you!

  6. What a Fun Quilt. The Quilting designs are Awesome.

  7. It is so adorable and fun. I'm sure he is going to love it.

  8. Wow, how much fun would this be to make. She did a spectacular job. I love how she used the designs in the fabrics to enhance the robots. So cute! And, how you quilted it is spot on, enhances the quilt even more! You both did a spectacular job!


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