Free-Motion Quilted Feathers

After owning my long-arm machine for about a year Kathleen started telling me that I really needed to start quilting feathers. At that time I was quilting a little bit for customers, but mostly still learning. Kathleen kept hinting and hinting that I really needed to try them. I was so afraid of them. I had watched a few different videos of others quilting feathers and that scared me even more, but she kept insisting.....
So, being the rebel that I am, I decided that I would try them out, but I would machine quilt them how I thought they should be quilted. Totally opposite of the way that most free-motion quilt feathers. I fell in love! When I realized that my feathers were going to be quilted my way and they didn't need to be perfect I fell in love! Feathers are now one of my best friends. I swear that I ask every single client if they'd like feathers. I personally think that feathers can be machine quilted on a traditional quilt, an heirloom quilt or even a modern quilt. I just love them! 

This fun quilt, in the picture above is the quilt that's on my machine right now. I hope to finish machine quilting this quilt today. When Jean brought me this quilt she told me that she would like feathers and cables, and whatever else I'd like to quilt. That large solid colored border just screamed feathers. So, today I'll be doing what I love, machine quilting lots and lots of feathers.

I teach my feather technique in my book, Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting.

Have you tried machine quilting feathers yet?


  1. I'm with you, feathers are terrifying! You do them beautifully though.

  2. Love your Feathers! Did you mark the curved spine on the border feathers. Just wondering...

    1. Hey Mary, no I do not mark my spine for any feather borders, I like them more "wild" the only marking I do for feathers is medallions. I will mark the perfect circle center. :)

  3. LOVELY work and I hope to make feathers in my own way like you have one day!!! Amazing method by the way!!!

  4. I love your feathers! They look absolutely perfect! I've tried them in small areas but am going to try a border soon. Must take the plunge!

  5. HI!!!! Your feathers are wonderful!!!!! Wow!!!!!

  6. No I haven't tried quilting feathers yet but I am so a newbie and still getting my feet wet. I'd love to hear more about how you do it.

  7. Beautiful. Looks like you've been doing them forever.


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