Christmas Row Quilt

My friend Cat designed and pieced this GORGEOUS Christmas row quilt.
She brought it to me for some machine quilting, she wanted custom machine quilting to really make each row pop! So, I just had my way with her quilt and did a lot of custom quilting.
I had so much fun. Row quilts are always fun to work with.
Every row is machine quilted different. I had to take a lot of pictures because I love how it turned out, so here is a little eye candy for you. :)
Thanks Cat for letting me machine quilt your beautiful quilt.

You can see more of Cat's beautiful works on her Twitter or Instagram

Ashley made the same quilt from Cat's pattern a year or so ago, I also machine quilted that quilt. Here are some pictures of it, it's so cool to see how different, 2 quilts can be from the same pattern.


  1. Wow, that turned out lovely! Nice quilt, beautiful quilting!

  2. Amazing! That turned out gorgeous and your quilting was the perfect compliment to it!

  3. It did turn out amazing! What a great job quilting and what a great job by CAT!

  4. Natalia, this quilt is amazing. I absolutely love how you quilted this.

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. That quilting! It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! You have such a gift.

  6. I love it, super cute quilting!

  7. I just love your quilting!! You are so talented. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me.


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