Machine Quilting Modern Chevrons

I think my favorite modern machine quilting pattern right now is the chevrons, ask me tomorrow and it may be something totally different. :)
Cat designed and pieced this cool modern quilt. She brought it to me for machine quilting and asked me to machine quilt the chevron pattern all over, she liked how this quilt and this quilt had turned out. 
I love the little bit of texture that the chevron machine quilting adds to the quilt.

Here is another one of Cat's beautiful quilts that I machine quilted last week.


  1. Just gorgeous! I am assuming that you did this with a ruler. Excellent work!

  2. This is one my favorites that you do! I can't imagine quilting this with a ruler and getting it as straight as you do! Beautiful quilt.

  3. I love this look - wish I could figure out how to do this well on a domestic. Great quilt!

  4. Yes I too are loving the chevrons. I just did some on a quilt for my son, love how it looks!

  5. It's beautiful!!!!!! Love the chevrons all over. Great job!

  6. Perfect! It is stunning to say the least!


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