Jelly Roll Jam - with Fat Quarter Shop

Today I'm super excited to share a new free pattern from my friends over at Fat Quarter Shop, Jelly Roll Jam.

This fun little pattern is super quick to make, Kathleen actually helped me out and pieced the whole quilt in about an hour. Yes, super fast!
We chose to make our Jelly Roll Jam quilt from a Flats by Angela Yosten Jelly roll. I just love the colors in this fabric, matches my house perfectly!
Besides the pattern being darling and super fun, you can also make two of these quilts from just one Jelly Roll!
Of course I had fun machine quilting our quilt. I recently designed a new pantogrpah pattern called Interlocking Flowers, I think it's the perfect match for this quilt!
You can purchase the paper or digital version of Interlocking Flowers here.
I've machine quilted several quilts with minky backing, but never kept one for myself, this one may just be the one, I love the way the quilting pops on the minky and it's so soft!
Kimberly and the Fat Quarter shop girls have created a darling video tutorial for this quilt, hop over to YouTube to watch the video and make your own Jelly Roll Jam quilt!


  1. What a fun blog hop! Love this quilting design!

  2. Love the fabrics and the quilting is beautiful! I just watched the video. This one is on my to do list. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Can you tell me what jelly roll you used love the colors? If you can make two quilts out of 1 jelly roll how big did the quilt end up to be.

  4. Oooh! I love it! Thanks so much for using my fabric collection! How exciting!!! I love the quilting you girls did on it. :)

  5. Love this pattern out of this line. The quilting is perfect! Another pattern to add to my buy list! Thanks

  6. I absolutely adore those interlocking flowers -they are gorgeous!

  7. When you use Minky for the backing, do you still use batting in the middle? Your quilting design is beautiful!


  8. The interlocking flowers quilting is great

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. That quilting pattern is SO pretty -- I love it!


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