Cross Hatching

This week has a been a fun, and productive one, a great way to start off 2015!
Nancy made this gorgeous hand-appiqued quilt, and yes, I'm still super duper impressed every single time I see a hand-appiqued quilt. When Nancy sent me this quilt she told me that she wants to keep it soft, it's going to be washed and she wants it to have an antique look. She suggested cross-hatching for the background. I couldn't agree more.
Cross-hatching is very time consuming, but sometimes it's just perfect! I really love how this quilt turned out, I can't wait to see it after Nancy has washed it and it has that antique crinkle look. :)

Thanks for letting me machine quilt your gorgeous quilt Nancy!


  1. Love your design and the colors you picked.

  2. Do you stop and start around each applique? That seems VERY time consuming!

  3. Perfect! I agree cross hatching around the applique is spot on but so time consuming!

  4. This is perfect!! Love cross-hatching too, and it suits this quilt just beautifully!

  5. Beautiful!! I just quilted this one for a customer over the holidays. Is true vintage! A top she had from an aunt and had it in a drawer. I changed it up quite a bit. Fun to see different eras of a quilt!


  6. So pretty and the prefect design choice for that quilt.

  7. Natalia - You did an awesome job quilting on this beautiful quilt. It does look vintage so mission accomplished. I would like to try cross hatch one day on my Bernina 580 but I'm not sure of the most efficient way to do this. Do you of any tutorials on this. I have your Beginners guide to Free Motion, I don't believe this technique is mentioned. I love looking at your work, keep the pictures coming!


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