Chickens or Roosters

I'm not sure if these are chickens or roosters but they sure are cute!
Beth from Seasons for Home pieced this darling quilt.
I machine quilted it for her and I love how it turned out!
Kits will be available at Seasons of Home.

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  1. My vote is roosters but either way it is an adorable quilt. Love the quilting especially the way you framed the blocks with the scroll type design.

  2. my vote is roosters. I can just picture that quilt in an old farm house. It is beautiful.

  3. it's roosters (which are chickens), not hens (which are also chickens, hehe.) It's adorable though!!! :)

  4. Not just roosters, but very fancy roosters! They are gorgeous! I'd much rather wake up to these roosters than the noise of real roosters! As always, your quilting completes the beauty of this quilt!


  5. You do such a beautiful job. Thank you so much for my beautiful quilt!

  6. I am a rooster lover, and must hop over to buy this, its gorgeous, love the pattern, love the fabric and love your quilting.


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