We took a nap!

About a week ago my older sister, the one who does not sew, decided that she wanted to make baby bedding for one of  her friends. She came up to the studio and she and Kathleen sewed away, making darling bumper pads and a cute little quilt.
I think I was supposed to be helping but since it was a Saturday I took a nap.
(I guess that they took pictures of me sleeping on the job)
I'm about 99% positive that I'm the only one who has ever put a quilt on my machine so when the two of them decided they could put their own quilt on I had to get up and take a picture of that!
It was even a minky backed quilt!
Okay, time to get back to quilting!
Have a great Monday!

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  1. You look so cute and snoozy. Hope the quilts are gorgeous

  2. Naps are the best... what a wonderful photo of the two of you in dream land!


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