It's Christmas Again!

It seems crazy that we're already making Christmas quilts doesn't it!
I can't say much because I was making them back in January! I'll tell you more about that later :)
Barbara from Seasons of Home pieced this beautiful Christmas quilt.
I did a some custom machine quilting on it and I love how it turned out.
You can contact Seasons of Home for kits! YAY!
Hope you're all having a happy Thursday! School starts around here next week, even though I don't have kids in school, yet, I feel like my summer is ending too. :( Oh well, fall always seems to bring lots of sewing!

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  1. Beautiful quilt and never too early to start for christmas. I am doing a hexagon and hope i can finish it in time.


  2. This quilt is gorgeous. Love how you quilted it!

  3. You're right, beautiful quilt and I really like the way you quilted. I enlarge each picture so I can see the details and then try and figure out how you did that. Thank you for inspiration.

  4. So pretty! I'm not sewing for Christmas this year as I will have a newborn, but last year I did a pile of lap quilts that were very well received.


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