Making Over The Nursery ~ Bumper Pads ~ A Free Tutorial

Nice bumper pads in a crib are an essential. Today I'm sharing how simple it is to make your own custom  bumper pads.

Materials needed:
1 1/2 Yards inside fabric
1 1/2 Yards outside fabric
1/4 Yard tie fabric
8- D-Rings
Baby Bumper Pad Foam
all fabrics used in this tutorial are A Stitch in Color, for Moda Fabrics.

For the front and back, long pieces you will cut from two different fabrics two pieces that are 11 3/4"x54".
For the two smaller end pieces you will cut from two different fabrics two pieces that are 11 3/4"x27"
You will have a total of four outside pieces and four inside pieces.
From the grey, tie fabric you will cut eight 5"x10 1/2" strips.

Take your eight tie pieces and fold them in half, right sides together, stitch around one end and one long side. Turn the tie right side out and then top stitch around all four sides, you can leave one small end unfinished, it will go inside the bumper.
Now, take your front fabric, one tie for each end of each bumper and then the top fabric, layer them together.

Right sides together, and then pin your tie about one inch from the top end of each bumper.

With the right sides together sew around the bumper, leave about a 10" opening in the bottom center.

Turn the bumper right side out and insert the appropriate pad. For the large bumpers you will insert two bumper pads end to end.
Then turn the bottom edge of the bumper fabric under and top-stitch along the bottom of the bumper pad, as shown in the image above.

Single bumpers should look like the one above.
Now, to add the D-Rings.
On each end of the small bumper pads you will slide two D-Rings on, fold tie fabric over and top-stitch to secure.

Place bumpers in crib, slide fabric through D-Ring.

Hope you enjoy them!
They are so fast to make and now you can have a custom looking nursery!

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  1. Great tutorial! I have to say my Mother made bumpers for me when my kids were little and you just can't buy ones that were as wide (high?) as the ones that you can make! The store bought ones always seem to be so skimpy!!

  2. Very cute!! Love your wall decor pieces too...And that crib is darling!

  3. Are you making an announcement? Or is this your Nephews Crib?? They look much better than the ones I had when my Babies came.

  4. You have been awarded the Versatile Blogger from Me - Check it out!

  5. Thanks for the great tutorial.
    Love the colors.

  6. Love the tutorial and how you did the corner ties. Like the color too.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Super cute, love the color scheme, but just thought everyone should be aware, crib bumpers are now being advised against because of potential SIDS dangers. This article has some of the info so you can decide for yourselves. Love the blog, just an FYI.


  8. I love how you incorporated the D-Rings! Makes it look a lot nicer than knotting ;) The fabric is cute.

  9. I posted the comment over on Moda but I'm not sure if you're still checking the quilt tutorial or not. Here's my question:

    Okay, so I'm working on making the quilt, which I love. I got all the way to the part where the blocks are cut apart and I'm trying to sew the strip in the middle. I am having trouble getting the block to line back up when I go to sew the second half back on. Any tips or suggestions for how to do this easily? Thanks so much!

  10. what size d rings did you use? I love this idea!!

  11. I know the inserts are 6 pieces, but you only have 4 completed bumpers. How are you keeping the two pieces on the long sides stabilized? Thanks!

    1. ReBecca,
      I don't use anything in the center of the long ones. I've used these same bumpers with both of my kids and never had a problem. If you felt like you needed those ties in the center I'd just top stitch them on.


  12. What seam allowance are you using?


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