Buggy Barn Quilts

Noel pieced these fun Buggy Barn quilts. I've mentioned before but I'll say it again, I love Buggy Barn quilts, when I really got into sewing Buggy Barn is where I began, so they are always so much fun for me to machine quilt.
Noel plans on using and loving each of these quilts so she had me machine quilt stars and loops all over on all three of them. They all turned out great!
The Buggy Barn Stars are always great!
I love this Buggy Barn Chicken Quilt, this one is still on my "someday" list! I love this one!
Thanks for letting me machine quilt these darling Buggy Barn quilts Noel!

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  1. Wow!! I love these quilts too!! wonderful!

  2. oh my goodness, the border on that pumpkin quilt is adorable!! and the stars - oh I love the stars!!

  3. They have such fun patterns, someone gave me a book with cats in it, so another someday pattern. I like the chickens, great for using different fabrics and having fun.


  4. I'm making the mini BB Stars, They live closer to me...

  5. So cute. Love the quilting patterns =D

  6. I am due a visit to BB. I love that place and love to see all their samples. I haven't been in a few years because of their dog policy. I travel with my 3 dachshunds and they won't let you bring them on the property even if you leave them in the car! Such a bummer for me and I do understand their hesitation. But I do miss the place! Great job quilting the quilts. I love them!

  7. Freaking LOVE that star quilt!

  8. Love these quilts. I have the buggy barn quilts calendar too. I've decorated my office cubicle with pictures from last years quilts.
    The star quilt is one of my favs.


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