Machine Quilting ~ Sharing a few quilts

I've gotten a little behind on sharing the beautiful quilts that I have quilted for my customers, here are a few that I've machine quilted recently.
Barbara pieced this fun flannel quilt, she makes darling flannel quilts, they are always so soft.
I machine quilted this one for her using some high-loft polyester batting and it really just made the quilt so soft and cuddly!
Raymie pieced this fun quilt, well actually, I'm pretty sure that she taught her husband to sew and he pieced this one! Pretty impressed, the seams line up so nicely.
I machine quilted circles all over, I think it turned out really cute and with the flannel fabric on the back this quilt is super soft too!
This is another one of Raymie's quilts! I love the quilt, the applique blocks are so darling and it's big enough to use on a bed.
I machine quilted this flowery pattern all over on this quilt and it turned out just darling!

Time to head back to the quilting machine! I got a lot to get done in the next few weeks! Then I have a few surprises to share with you!!! :)

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  1. Beautiful quilting...could you share the panto's you use?

  2. Wonderful quilting. I always love seeing your customers quilts. Very inspiring!


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