Making Over the Nursery ~ Dust Ruffle ~ A Free Tutorial

I love a cute Dust Ruffle, they can add so much and are actually pretty simple to make!
This dust ruffle is a straight, more modern looking dust ruffle.
This dust ruffle is also made for a three sided crib. If you need the dust ruffle to cover all four sides you will need to add a second long side.
Materials needed:
White/flat material 1 1/2 Yards
Dot material 2 Yards
Solid material 2 Yards

Cut your white/flat piece 29"x54"
From your dot material you will cut;
1 - 64"x18" (for front)
2 - 28"x18" (for ends)
From your solid material you will cut;
1- 9"x64" (for front)
2- 9"x28" (for ends)
Begin by sewing the grey dot fabric and the solid green fabric together, side by side, make sure there are two small end pieces and one large front piece.
Turn the fabrics right sides together and sew along the top and the two ends, leaving a small hole so you can turn them right sides out. 
Turn the fabrics right sides out and press. You should have three pieces that look like the piece in the image above.
Take your large flat, white piece and fold over one long edge, fold over two times, at about 1/2" each time, then top stitch along that, creating a nice hem for the backside of the flat.
Now take your two small end pieces and attach them to the ends of the white flat piece.
Your third, long piece is for the front, it will have a pleat in the center. Fold the dust ruffle in half, mark the center, then find the center on the front of the white flat and mark that center. After finding the center on the dust ruffle you will pin the two ends to the ends of the white.
Pin the white along the dust ruffle and when you get to the center you will have a bunch of extra dust ruffle fabric. Take the extra fabric and create a fold as show in the image above. Creating a pleat.
Attach the third and final piece to the white flat. Your skirt should now look like the one in the image above.
Now place in your crib, under the mattress. 
This dust ruffle will have about a 14" drop.

Here is the tutorial for the coordinating bumper pads.
Here is the tutorial for the coordinating Wonky Baby quilt.

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  1. Thank you for an easy to follow tutorial! after seeing the cost of crib skirts I am going to give this a shot.

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial... saved my day. I made a dust ruffle for my sil and your directions helped so much.

  3. Thank you!!! Made one last night and it turned out great! I had to get creative with the long panel in the front since one of my fabrics was a directional print, but it worked out in the end. I blogged about it and linked back to your tutorial to give you credit. Thanks again! http://prettyladydesigns.blogspot.com/2013/08/baby-on-budget-burp-cloths-and-crib.html

  4. PLEASE HELP ME!! I am stumped on the process of attaching my lower piece to the upper piece and still be able to pull it through to right side out. This momma has dealt with a sick baby and I am trying to finish crib bedding for my niece that is due in the next week or so, I hope that you can help my mom brain figure out where I am lost at!!


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