Curious Nature ~ Jamie's Version

Whenever Jamie sends a quilt for machine quilting I get all sorts of excited, she makes some pretty awesome quilts and this one did not disappoint.
I may have gone over board on the pictures.... oh well. :)
Jamie used a Soy batting in this quilt, it was the first time I've quilted on Soy batting... it was AMAZING!!
Click here to see Jamie's awesome row quilt I machine quilted a few months ago.
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  1. WOW!!! Amazing job!!! Where did you learn to machine quilt? I am a mess at it, so I just stitch in the ditch. I'm too afraid to use my basic machine to do such work! LOL

  2. It's all lovely, but the image from the back is especially impressive!

  3. I love the ray quilting with the swirls and pebbles, the quilt looks gorgeous! I don't blame you for being excited :)

  4. Love the modern edge of this large block quilt. Would like very much to have a go at something similar myself, but am intimidated. I have to say your quilting echoed perfectly the theme of radiance of the this quilt.

  5. I love the quilt! I saw a version of it in a magazine. A great job on the quilting =D

  6. so so so pretty! The quilting is fantastic of course, and the quilt itself is so darn fun!


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