Baby Girl Burp Cloths

Another one of our friends recently had a baby girl.
So, of course we wanted to make her a fun gift.
Kathleen spent a few hours last week and made these darling cloth diaper burp cloths. I LOVE how fresh and happy these turned out!

Here is a free tutorial showing how we make cloth diaper burp cloths.


  1. I recall in the late 70s, using waste canvas and cross-stitching burp cloths with cloth diapers. Hot air balloon was the most detailed one I can remember doing. These are flat sweet-cute, practical and washable to the max. Love them.

  2. So stinking adorable...especially the bicycle one!

  3. i found your cute burp cloths on Pinterest and love the diapers you used because they look so tightly woven unlike the gauze ones. Would you please share the brand you used. I’m not a commercial embroider, just a Nana. Thanks, Faye


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