Little Tools

When I bought my long-arm quilting machine 6 years ago I never imagined that I'd have to learn to become a mechanic as well as a machine quilter
I can't complain, my machine has been awesome and for as much abuse as it deals with every single day, and some nights, it's an awesome machine.
However, last night I had decided to stay late and work, planning to get a lot done and try to catch up on some quilt market quilting. After about an hour of quilting in silence, meaning with no kids, my machine quit, just quit, it was doing all sorts of crazy things, like stitching when I wasn't even near it and not stitching when I wanted it to. I was so stressed out, and of course it was after the dealer had closed. I went home and didn't sleep well because I was so stressed about the machine. So, this morning I called the dealer, of course they were busy, so I waited a while. Finally I was able to talk to them and they easily could tell what was the problem. The start button had broken and so my machine thought that I was holding down on it. I am so proud of myself, the tools and parts for the long-arm are tiny, but I replaced the button all by myself! 
Maybe I was born to be a mechanic......okay, never-mind, I'll just stick with machine quitling. :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. That's awesome that you fixed it yourself! Once in our old house I had to figure out a sump pump problem over the phone with my plumber dad. I was crying, I had to stick my hand down in 10" or more of water and attach this pipe, but I did it. (It was only rainwater, don't worry but still..) It felt so good to accomplish that.

    And I wish I could fix my sewing machine myself, the computer on my janome is messed up so it's in the shop. :(

  2. I hate when my machine acts up and I never sleep well either! But it sure is empowering to fix it yourself too!

  3. How sweet. I think that we have the same dealer and I really really like them. They are so handy and it is good that they helped you and you were able to fix what was wrong. Great job :)

  4. You are kidding on knowing how to be a mechanic as well, so go have a bowl of ice cream or your favorite desert for that one! I am super duper proud of you!!!

  5. Way to go! I LOVE tinkering with ALL kinds of machines but like you, I didn't realize just how much 'tinkering' was required w/LA machines, including mine...Glad to see you're backing the quilting saddle due to your own ingenuity ;-)


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