Boxes of quilts.....

Have you been wondering why things have been a little quiet around here lately???
Well, here's the reason... quilt market!
Even though I'm not going to be attending spring quilt market a little part of me will be there, lots and lots of quilts that I've machine quilted.
I've been putting in a lot of hours here at the studio machine quilting and I wish I could share photos of every quilt as I finish them, but they are top secret.... for a couple more weeks. :)
Last Friday I'm pretty sure the UPS man decided he hated me..... well, not really, but the boxes in the photo above all arrived the same day. Inside were 26 quilts!
After I shared the photo of the boxes over on instagram a few of you were a little worried about me, not to be too alarmed, 21 of the quilts that arrived I had already machine quilted, whew!

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week! I cannot believe it's already almost MAY! Where has the last month gone?

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  1. Wow! All I have to say is that is a lot of quilts! You have definitely been busy!


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