Cabana - a Modern One Block Quilt -- How to: Template Piecing

Okay, I had big plans to wait until next week to share this quilt, but I can't help myself, this is my very, very favorite quilt, at this moment, it'll probably change in a few days. :)

Cabana is the seventh quilt in our book, Modern One-Block Quilts. When Kathleen and I originally made the Cabana quilt we made it in more of a tan color-way. I liked that version, I did some pretty cool custom machine quilting, and the photographers over at C&T did a great job photographing it. The quilt was literally inspired by Cabanas. I kinda love the beach. When we decided to re-make this version I was honestly, quite worried about re-making it. I could not imagine that we could make it in any color way that I would like. Kathleen is pretty much a genius when it comes to working with color and she immediately came up with the idea to use these Oval Elements by Art Gallery Fabrics, and the Sand Bella Solid by Moda Fabrics. The fabrics sat on our cutting table for a few days, and I really couldn't imagine them in this quilt. Then Kathleen started cutting them out, and sewing them, and I started falling in love, and maybe becoming obsessed! I LOVE this quilt!
Look closely, Kathleen and I have to force ourselves to be scrappy, and when it came time to attach the binding Kathleen made it super scrappy, and I love it too! 
I machine quilted this baby version of Cabana using an all over pebble pattern. 
I teach how-to machine quilt pebbles in Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting.

Cabana is a template pieced quilt. I know that template piecing can be very intimidating for some. So, Kathleen and I created a how-to template piece video. We hope that this video will help to ease any uncertainty about template piecing.
You can check out all of our YouTube videos here.

Original version of Cabana

A few fun details about Cabana:

**Batting used is Quilters Dream Poly Deluxe

****Signed copies of Modern One-Block Quilts are available for purchase here.

**Machine quilting was done using our Pebbles pantogarph pattern, available for purchase here.

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  1. Do you know why the video is not working? Would you sell this pattern?

    1. Jodi, the video had a little glitch, it should be up in a about half an hour. Yes, the pattern is for sale, it is in our book, Modern One-Block Quilts. :)
      Here is the link to the video http://youtu.be/sXc-XvPPtKM

  2. Replies
    1. Hi there, sorry about that, I'm fixing it right now, here is the link to it. :) http://youtu.be/sXc-XvPPtKM

  3. Love it. The new version's colors speak to me more than the original version, but then again I'm not much of a tan colors kind of gal.

  4. The video is very good and at the speed I wish I could work!!! LOL! Love both color combos!! and the quilting certainly is well suited! Hugs...........

  5. Oh gosh, love this quilt too. Another one for the list! not sure which version I like more, tough choice.


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