Flower Star Quilt Pattern - The Battle Against Breast Cancer

I'm writing today's post through a lot of tears, mostly tears of gratitude. As I write this post my mom, Kathleen is currently in surgery. We are praying all will go well and the Dr.'s will have great success in removing the cancer, so that she can begin the healing process. 

When I came up with the idea to sell these patterns to raise a little bit of money to help my mom I had no idea the outpouring of love that would be felt & received by this amazing quilting community. I did this without telling my mom. I sent her a message after the first night telling her that I started this and I had transferred some money to her. Her response, "I can't stop crying, thank you so much."

Thank you all! Thank you for filling not only my heart, but my mom's heart. I know that the support that you all have given her has lifted her spirits in so many ways. 

Today I've got another fun block pattern. This pattern is called Flower Star. I love how bright and cheery this block is.

I've sketched this block out in two color-ways, the top illustration features Prairie fabric by Cory Yoder, and the illustration below features A Bright Sun by A Quilting Life.
This PDF pattern is now available for purchase, for $5.00 and I will be donating 100% of the proceeds to my mom, Kathleen Whiting to help her with this fight against Breast Cancer. 

I have to share just a few of the sweet comments, they are all just so heartwarming.

I am a breast cancer survivor, praying for you and your mom. Have faith - this is a disease that can be beaten. I plan to order all the patterns that you get rewritten. -Kathleen, Ohio

xoxoxoxo - Erin, Kentucky

I pray your Mother receives all she requires in the way of hope, peace and healing. - Carol, California

Prayers and blessings to your mom during this time. -Trish, Wisconsin

God bless your mom and you. - Betty Jane, New Jersey

Wishing the best for Kathleen, one of the most lovely women I've ever met. Miss you, Natalia! - Susan, Utah

Love this pattern! Hope you sell a million of them! What a wonderful idea to help your mom! Please let us know how many you sell and when your next one is available! - Donna, Missouri

Great idea to help your Mom! - Kathie, Pennsylvania

My thoughts and prayers are with your mom! - Cheryl, Connecticut

Praying for your Mom and your family. - Kristine, Oregon

Lifting your mom in prayer . Cancer is an ugly word! - Melinda, Missouri

So sorry to hear about your Mom's diagnosis, Natalia! Best wishes to her and your family! - Deonn, Utah

Wishing your mom many blessings. She is a wonderful woman. - Mary, California

I am so sorry to hear of your mother's diagnosis. Best of luck to her and your family. - Zina, California


  1. Thinking of your Mom today and adding prayers that it goes well and the pathology is good. She is strong and has lots of loving support so I know she will come through this fine. Hugs to you too, such a clever way to help out.

  2. Hugs to you, being the daughter is not easy.

  3. Prayers for your mom and your family! I ordered both of your patterns. I make a lot of quilts for Quilts of Valor and am always looking for new patterns. When I saw your first pattern I knew it would be perfect for a QOV quilt. I have posted your link to the QOV website in hopes that lots of other quilters will see your patterns and purchase them! These are both very worthy causes!

    1. QOV took down my post, said I was advertising! Sorry!

  4. I'm hoping for the best recovery for your Mom. She's lucky to have a supportive daughter like you, Natalia. I purchased both of your patterns and I'll spread the word on my blog as well. Prayers and hugs to your family! Julie@TheCraftyQuilter.com

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