Introducing The 4-N-1 Machine Quilting Ruler

I am so excited today to introduce you to my most recent creation, the 4-N-1 Machine Quilting Ruler. If you've been following along over the last few years I'm sure you've noticed that I've really fallen in love with machine quilting rulers. I actually use them in every single quilt that I custom machine quilt. Whether it's basic straight lines, or stitch in the ditch, to more complex curves I'm in love with machine quilting with rulers. 

Over the past couple of years I've reached out to several companies trying to figure out a way that would work best for me to create this ruler but things just didn't seem right and I couldn't find the perfect fit for me. Once I found the perfect company to produce my ruler things just seemed to fall into place and it's finally real!

The 4-N-1 Machine Quilting Ruler is great for machine quilting large curves, small curves or straight lines. Designed by professional machine quilter Natalia Bonner. The ruler measures 10.5" total length by 4.75" total width. The straight line edge measures 8". The curve on the top side of the ruler is 2" and the two smaller end curves measure 1.25".

The ruler is made from high-quality acrylic and measures .25" thick.

The ruler is compatible with most domestic and long-arm machines. 
Make sure you're following me on Facebook and Instagram, I'm sure over the next several weeks, months, even years I'll be sharing tips and tricks featuring this fun new ruler. 

The ruler is currently in production and will begin shipping mid to late February. It's now available for pre-order on my website.


  1. Very exciting. I'm certainly interested in seeing what designs you create with this new ruler, as well as stitching with it. I'm sure it is a wonderful tool.


  2. Looking forward your design with that tool.Have fun playing with your new toy!

  3. I would be interested in seeing a demo of what it does. I too love rulers for my longarm and when I go to quilt shows I always try to buy some. Have you considered doing a u tube video showing all the things you do with it?

  4. Yea, Congrats on a Piece N Quilt Ruler added to your books and store.

  5. Do you have a tutorial available to show us how to use this ruler?

  6. Really like the looks of your ruler. nice to have 1 tool that does 4 things than 4 rulers that only do one thing!


    1. It will! Bernina actually has a ruler foot that works fabulous with machine quilting rulers. :)

  8. Look forward to the demos, anything that helps is always welcome!

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  10. Perfect timing, we had a demo last night at the guild on ruler quilting. So glad I found your site! I can't wait to starting quilting with this awesome tool!

  11. Also, I discovered a clear ruler foot at Accents in Design's Fine Line Clarity (yes it's CLEAR) Ruler Foot ($24) I got it because it was clear and I can easily go from ruler quilting to free motion and back again without switching feet

  12. Looks interesting, have you done a demo yet?


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