How to: Machine Quilt a Horizontal Curve Motif on a Square Quilt Block with Natalia Bonner - Let's Stitch - Day 5

Welcome to day 5 of "Let's Stitch - A Block a Day with Natalia Bonner

Today Natalia will walk you step by step through the process of machine quilting a Horizontal Curve motif on a square quilt block. 

You can check out the complete video tutorial here:

Check out this blog post for all of the details about the machine quilting rulers and products Natalia is using in this video series here.

All of Natalia's machine quilting is done on a Gammill 22" machine.


  1. Hello Natalia,
    Appreciate your 365 day quilting design program. I was wondering if you can demonstrate the design you have in the sashing of your printed panel?
    Thank you

    1. Because that particular design is in my book, Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting I'll most likely never do a tutorial for it, but I think you can get the idea and concept from this older YouTube video, https://youtu.be/RGyp6YO_js8

      Happy stitching!


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