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Party Hats!

While I'm standing at my machine quilting my daughter is usually running around making messes and being creative in her own little ways. 
I love to listen to her have conversations with her dolls and animals.
It's even more funny when she says things that my husband and I say to each other. 
Today wile I was busy quilting I looked over and saw that all the little dogs and dollies were all lined up, no big deal they always are.
Then I noticed they each had a cone of thread on their heads.
I asked her what they were doing and she quickly responded, "mom, it's party hats"

I love her sense of imagination. Why can't everyone have this much fun!

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  1. So clever! You never knew you stitched party hats into each quilt! Love that pale aqua color!


  2. You reminded me of a poem I wrote long ago about my own baby playing beside me as I sewed.
    so sweet


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