Custom Quiltling

Hey quilting friends! I just wanted to stop in and say HI, I am in the middle of custom quilting an antique, hand pieced quilt. 
I'll be back soon with lots of pictures to share :)
Hope you're all having a happy Wednesday!!

What's on your list to-do today?

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  1. I have my son's first birthday on Friday and his party on Saturday. Since I just got over an awful case of the flu, I have extra piles of cleaning to do :( I just want to work on UFOs...

  2. A swap to send out, my McCall's Challenge, a Commission Quilt...is that enough to keep me tied to the machine!??

  3. I am taking my machine in to get it's annual check-up. I figure since I have my induction scheduled for 4:00 am tomorrow morning and I will be in the hospital with the new wee one for a few days it is the perfect time to service my machine :)

  4. I'm making my daughter a fall dress and trying to figure out how I ever lived making clothes without a serger. I really want to try a serged quilt one day.

  5. trying to get to my sewing machine ; when I do I will do some simple blankets for a charity that my daughter's friend runs .....


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