Success and a Layer Cake Give-Away

First off!
Thank you to all of you who followed along with me this week, seriously, your comments and encouragement over on facebook, twitter and here on the blog really helped keep me motivated. I thought that I was a super hero or something and thought I, with the help of Kathleen, could piece a quilt that has 2,562 very small pieces in it in just one day. HAHA, obviously I'm not a super hero, it took four days.
Oh well, I guess I learned a lesson here!

The quilt top turned out beautiful, I wish I could share more pictures but for now you'll just have to wait! :)

Since my blog was a little lame this week I thought I'd spice things up by hosting a Layer Cake give-away!

Click here for details on how to enter to win this beautiful Chrysalis Layer Cake!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I would NEVER call your blog lame!!! I would call it refreshing and entertaining and informative!! Love your blog!! Have a good one!...and thanks for the chance to win!

  2. your blog has not been lame ; since you didn't post much that just means you were BUSY sewing ! can't wait to see it !!!! thanks for the giveaway !!!! :)

  3. We all have lulls on our blogs when we are the most busiest. Just makes your readers more anxious to see what is next! :)

    My readers tell me they know when I have been hitting the grinding stone.. I may go 2 days with nothing and then all of a sudden there might be 4 posts in one day. :)

  4. Thanks for the giveaway. The quilting on the AB top is wonderful. Hope to see the finished jillions of pieces quilt soon.

  5. whew! took me forever to find a way to leave a comment here! I Love Layer Cake!

  6. Mahalo for the chance to win the beautiful Chrysalis Layer Cake! I find your lovely quilting in your blog inspiring.

  7. Thanks for the chance at the layer cake. Hope to see you at the Heber Valley Civil War Quilt Show on Oct. 1st. I'm doing my antique quilt trunkshow at 1:30 p.m. and I'm available for appraisals before or after.

  8. Your blog is wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win.


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