Working under pressure!

I sure hope I'm not the only quilter that works best under pressure, or totally last minute.
I've had this fabric and this big deadline for a while now... I've known that this quilt had to be made and in the mail by this week, but I've totally procrastinated. 
So, all day today, I will be piecing.
This is what my fabric looks like right now.
Do you think I can make a queen size quilt top today?
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Wish me luck!!

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  1. Wow!! Good Luck!! A Queen size in one day, that will be quite an accomplishment. And I know you will get it done :) You are just amazing like that!

  2. Good luck,I`m sure you`ll do it.Love your fabrics choose.

  3. I could do the top in one day maybe. Why do we quilters do this??? If it weren't for last minute something would never get done, I've heard. Good Luck!

  4. If anyone can I believe it's you! Good Luck :)

  5. Yeah, you can do it. Love Summer House is such a beautiful collection to work with. Stock up on chocolate, coffee and water and go for it.


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